What is Baptism?

  • Are you saved because you are baptized?
  • Will you go to heaven if you are not baptized?
  • Are you baptized before or after you are saved?
  • Does baptize mean sprinkle or to be dipped under water?
  • Should babies be baptized?

These are all good questions and we will answer them in this lesson. It is true that baptism is very important in our Christian life. This lesson we will learn why.

What does “Baptize” mean?

  1. Dictionary says: To dip in water
  2. The Bible says: To dip in water

The story about Jesus when He was baptized. Jesus went in the water and was dipped. (NOT SPRINKLED) Matthew 3:13-16 and Mark 1:9-10.

John 3:23 – “because there was much water”

Acts 8:38 – this man was baptized (dipped in water) in much water.

Baptize does not mean “sprinkle!”. The Bible says the preachers always baptized people where there was MUCH WATER. If baptize means to sprinkle, then they don’t need much water. They could use the water from their thermos.


It means to go in water and dip UNDER the water.

Who can be baptized?

  • There is only one rule to be baptized — YOU MUST BE SAVED.
  • Dictionary says: To dip in water Jesus, Himself, decided to be baptized. Matthew 3:13, Mark 1:9
  • One man asked to be baptized, and the preacher said “if you truly believe, you may.” Acts 8:26 – 39.
  • Dictionary says: To dip in water

Can a baby accept Jesus and Savior and decide to be baptized himself?

Only a person who truly understands and accepts Jesus as Savior and decides himself can be baptized.

If you were baptized before you were saved, and later you were saved, you need to be baptized again. Baptizing is for after you are saved.If you were sprinkled, you need to be baptized the Bible way.

Will baptism save me?

For by Grace (God’s love) ye are saved through faith (believe God loves you and that Jesus died for you and accept Him.) Ephesians 2:8-9

The only way to be saved is to accept Jesus as your Savior. Baptism will not save you!

What if I accept Jesus as my Savior, but never get baptized, will I still go to Heaven?

When Jesus was on the cross, one thief wanted to be saved. Jesus said He would save him. He was not baptized, but he still went to Heaven. Luke 23:39 – 45

Why is it important to be baptized?

Because of Jesus’ example. We should follow His ways.Because Jesus commanded us to be baptized. Mark 16:15

Because it shows you are a Christian.Because it shows what happened in your life.What if I refuse to be baptized?
You are disobeying God and He won’t bless you!

What does the preacher say when I am baptized?

“I baptize you my brother/sister, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Buried in the likeness of His (Jesus) death, raised in the likeness of His resurrection.

Why is Baptism Still Important?

“Baptism is important because it shows that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and that you now follow Him.

You are not saved when you baptized, you are saved when you accept Jesus in your heart. Baptism shows that you are now a Christian and that you are obeying God.