Matthew K. Dundon

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After my parents found out I was Deaf at a young age, they sent me to a Catholic school for the Deaf where they had an oral program. My family did not go to church, they sent me there for educational reasons. However, attending that school gave me a strong Catholic upbringing, even though I was never officially a member of “The Church.”

As I was growing up, I remember being in service during school and yearning to partake in communion, but I could not since I was not a Catholic. Nuns used to tell me that If I wanted to go to heaven, I had to become Catholic. If not, I would be on my way to hell.

My parents could not afford a private Catholic high school so I went to a public high school with a Deaf program. In my first year, I joined the academic bowl, hosted at Maryland School for the Deaf. It was there that I heard the entire Gospel for the first time when one of my friends witnessed to me in our dorm room. I did not accept it at first and argued with him for hours until about two o’clock in the morning. I told him that it did not make sense that there would be only one way to heaven. However, as we both went to bed, I saw him reading his Bible before falling asleep and that was when I sensed he had something with God that I did not have. I became jealous, even though he offered the same thing to me, but I was blind.

Throughout high school, that friend would share the Gospel with me and I always argued with him, even in front of our friends. One night he slept over my home and shared a website with me:, then bookmarked it on my computer.

After that night, I began reading the tracts on that website and thought that this would be my opportunity to know more about the Bible than my friend. It was not until I began reading the part about the history of the Catholic church and the history of the Bible that God finally began to break down the barriers in my heart to the true Gospel. After researching those issues, I accepted Christ as my savior! My friend was shocked to find out about my decision. I witnessed to many of our other friends, several of whom became saved. I also attended Bethel Baptist Church under Pastor Dominic Pennachietti for a year and they guided me and prepared me to find God’s leading for my life.

Upon graduating high school, I went straight to a Bible college, Capital Baptist Deaf College in Maryland in 2008, majoring in Pastoral Studies. In 2011, I married my lovely wife and one year later, graduated from college. Since 2013 I have been serving as an associate pastor for the discipleship program and outreach to Gallaudet.