Daniel J. Nemeth

I grew up as an only deaf child in a hearing family.  My family attended a Lutheran church faithfully and wanted to raise me as a Lutheran.  It was very important to my family that I receive a proper Christian upbringing.

Three women from the Lutheran church who had learned some ASL volunteered to teach me some basic Bible stories.  They took a turn in teaching me the lessons weekly and at least once a month, the worship service was interpreted for me.  However, I had never shown any real interest in the Bible or church.  As far I can recall, I had never read the Bible in its entirety during my childhood.  I also showed no real inclination in praying for forgiveness of my sins from God.

As soon I went off to college, I planned to shake off the shackles of religion and do as I please.  Fortunately, God had a perfect plan for me.  At Gallaudet, one of my friends was led to Christ, so when one day I visited his dorm room, I saw a stack of Chick tracts on the top of his drawer.  I asked him if I could read a few of them, and he said yes.  On that day, I read a Chick tract about Noah’s Ark and God’s judgment, I began to realize that I had missed something during all the years I sat under my teachers’ tutelage on Christian education.

It was only then I understood that nothing was going to help me to get into Heaven.  I never really thought of much on Heaven and Hell.  I had always assumed that because of my Christian upbringing, I was pretty much assured of a place in Heaven.  I was baptized as an infant and I attended church services religiously during my childhood.  I was shocked and dismayed to learn that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get into Heaven at all except through Christ’s atoning blood alone.  I can recall my own life verse according to Col. 2:8, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”  I was raised a Lutheran according to my family’s tradition, and my philosophy of being good enough was utterly in vain.  I missed on asking Christ to forgive all of my sins and acknowledge Him as my Savior.

On that day in November 1998, I asked Christ into my heart as my Savior.  Since then, I have been a faithful member of HVBDC.  I also took courses at Capital Baptist Deaf College.  Since 2009, I work as a church secretary and have taught courses at CBDC.  Occasionally I do teach Sunday evening and Wednesday services.  I am thankful that God planted a seed in me while I was learning few basic Bible stories as I was growing up.  All of that led me to the day when I become a true born-again Christian.