Church Events

Lord’s Supper

We will have Lord’s Supper following Sunday Evening Worship Service. Please come and observe Lord’s Supper to remember Him and Thank Him for everything He has done for our lives as a Christian.

HVBDC 28th Church Anniversary

We will celebrate this special occassion with a delicious cake after Sunday Evening Worship Service. Please join us to celebrate this special occassion.

Time Change

Turn your clock  BACK ONE HOUR on Saturday night before you go to bed.

Breakfast & Orange Juice Fellowship

Please come to our First Breakfast & Orange Juice Fellowship of the Autumn Season to get to know each other while enjoying a nice breakfast. The theme is Cold or Hot Breakfast to enjoy the Autumn related Season as we start to see some leaves turn from green into colorful looks.  

Old Fashioned Sunday

We will have Old Fashioned Sunday. Dress up in neat Old-Fashioned clothes and join us to watch Old-Fashioned sermons preached by our Senior Pastor Terry Buchholz. God’s ways are always better than modern trends, fads, and fashions for they are of the world. Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection never gets old!

Bring a Friend Day & Special Thanksgiving Dinner

Please invite an unchurched neighbor, coworker, friend or relative and bring them to Sunday School & Sunday Morning Worship Service. New visitors will receive a gift card. We will have our special Thanksgiving Dinner following Sunday Morning Worship Service. Our special Thanksgiving dinner will include all your favorite Thanksgiving trimmings such as roasted turkey dressing, vegetable sides along with homemade pies and dessert. Please come…

Prayer Meeting

We will have Prayer Meeting that morning. No fasting is necessary. The prayer meeting will be about praying for wisdom and new strength for the Fall Season ahead of us, mainly on spiritual matters, and HVBDC’s spiritual welfare and various ministries. After Prayer Meeting, we may go to Dempsey’s in Ashton, MD for Brunch. Please join us to pray for an excellent kickoff…

Wednesday Evening Thanksgiving Testimony Night

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 23, 2017; So therefore, we will share our Thanksgiving Testimony about what God has done for us during the year and what we are thankful for during our Special Wednesday Evening Worship Service.

Baptism Service

We will have Baptism Service following Sunday Evening Worship Service at HVBC Main Audience Baptismal Pool for those who is willing to obey Lord Jesus Christ’s command and is not ashamed to be a Christian. Please come and observe the Baptism Service to praise Him and Thank Him for helping those who are being baptized that night to become courageous for Him.  

Secret Pal Christmas Fellowship

Secret Pal Fellowship for ladies only will be held. A devotional message will be provided along with some games to enjoy and play. Some ladies will participate in Secret Pal Gift Exchange. Mary Hodges is in charge of the event.  More details will be provided shortly. All ladies (members or non-members) are more than welcome to come and join the fellowship!